visual rhetoric composition

Above is a composition to express various figures of speech through visual communication. The challenge was to express terms such as metaphor, repetition, personification and allusion in a graphic illustration rather than through the usual outlet of writing.
Subject: eyeglasses
Software: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS5

The objective here was to find another object that shared some of the same characteristics of a pair of glasses. What came about was a pair of scissors, as it posesses two circular holes and two stems, as does a pair of glasses.

This idea came during a bit of visual research when I stumbled upon something called "lovers' glasses." This provocative object appears to be a standard pair of eyeglasses, but with a second pair of stems attached to the front of the frame. When two people wear the glasses, their faces are forced into an initimate scenario. For the concept of repetition, I took the idea and ran. It resulted siamese twins attached at the head where their ears would normally rest, subsequently having to sport two pairs of glasses that are fused in the middle.

The thought process in this instance was rather insubstantial, as the concept seemed common sense. It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and are known to be expressive. So, what if we were able to purchase eyeglasses that communicated our feelings for us?

The glasses here serve as a hint to something commonly associated with them. Although there are many famous eyeglasses thanks to the people who donned them: Elton John, John Lennon, Woody Allen and Harry Potter, I chose Steve Jobs for several reasons. His death provided a timely and relevant cue, thus becoming a part of pop culture, and he created an infamous quirky uniform with the black mock turtleneck.

Overall design concept
My goal was to create something opposite of a vector illustration. I wanted it to be personable, humorous and spooky at the same time. I used antique photographs and laid them on a light-colored template. The template needed heirarchy and effective eyeflow but must also have an eyeglasses context. Circles were the perfect background to lead the eye and allude to the shape of eyeglasses.


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