company party

I created this thing entirely in Microsoft Publisher - this is, evolution, but backwards.

Because my desktop at work prohibits downloading of any sort, I found a workaround to get better typefaces than the preinstalled fonts for Microsoft. is my kind of party. Using its preview feature, I typed in each word and phrase, hit printscreen and finally, cropped it using the Paint program. That's not the end.

Each word image now included the lovely white background. Luckily Publisher includes a "set transparent color" tool. But hold the phone, once printed, I noticed the word/phrase experienced loss of color around its edges, showing up as white specks against my colored background! Infuriating. I felt like a caveman using a rock to comb my hair.

More experimentation. Publisher was part of the problem, but also the solution. Turns out, I could disguise the white specks by using the color brightness and contrast tools by darkening the image. Still not perfect. But oh look, Publisher has backgrounds I can choose from. This burlap will help  hide my specks nicely.

What you get is an imperfect poster made in just a few hours using caveman tools. It's not perfect, but that is why I am so proud of this piece.


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